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Because the wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth that grow in, it can often lead to other issues within your mouth. They typically grow in as a teen but may not always grow in correctly. In many instances, they can actually fail to grow in fully and can move and shift other teeth around as well. They can also lead to malocclusions, infections, and increase the risk of tooth decay and overcrowding in your mouth. If any of these ailments should arise, an extraction will be necessary.

If you would like to have your wisdom teeth removed, it is important to visit our office to determine which options will work best for you. Through the help of repositioning your smile for the use of extracting wisdom teeth, we can make sure your oral health will continue on comfortably in the future. Furthermore, if you do decide to have your wisdom teeth removed, we will strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

If you are having issues with your wisdom teeth and would like to come in for an examination and potential wisdom tooth extraction, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Ryser and our team at our office in Taylorsville, Utah. Aspire Surgical can be reached by calling us at 801-261-2444. We look forward to seeing you soon!