Dr. Ryser and Dr. Shamo want you to have the best experience possible at our office, which is why they offer Smartlifting, an alternative to a facelift that is more comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

This treatment uses laser technology (the Cynosure® Smartlipo® laser) that can separate your facial muscles from the layers of your skin with minimal cutting. This is possible because the laser sends thousands of pulses into your skin, heating the tissue and separating it from the muscle. When the laser heats the tissue, the tissue also coagulates and stimulates the production of collagen. This helps plump, tighten, and smooth your skin.

Fortunately, the Smartlift treatment only takes about an hour to complete, which means you’ll be done within one quick appointment at our office. During the treatment, Dr. Ryser or Dr. Shamo will give you a local anesthetic to make the treatment painless and relaxing. After the treatment, you might experience a little bruising and soreness—but not much due to our high-tech cosmetic laser! You should be back to your regular activities three to four days after your appointment.

Dr. Ryser, Dr. Shamo, and our team use the Smartlipo® laser for a reason. It can give you fuller, tighter, and smoother skin that lasts for years! In addition, it is less invasive than other facelifts, it can help you appear younger, it can provide long-lasting results, and it can help you love the way you look.

If you have any questions about Smartlifting in Taylorsville, Utah, we invite you to call Aspire Surgical today at 801-261-2444 and talk to a member of our cosmetic surgical team! We also encourage you to schedule an appointment if you are interested in this treatment. We are happy to help you!