If you’re not completely in love with your skin, Dr. Ryser and Dr. Shamo have a suggestion for you: consider enhancing your skin with CO2 laser skin resurfacing!

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a modern and highly effective treatment that can improve and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. This treatment is highly recommended because it is highly effective. In fact, it’s effective because it has the ability to treat specific areas of your damaged and effected skin without touching the healthy skin around it.

You can compare CO2 laser skin resurfacing to chemical peels and dermabrasion treatments; however, this treatment is a little different. Instead of using chemicals or a sanding device, CO2 lasers vaporize damaged skin, which creates a more comfortable and enjoyable appointment as well as treatment with little to no side effects.

This treatment is for you if you’re interested in removing wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, scars, blotchiness, and other skin imperfections. It’s also recommended if you want more youthful-looking skin, a gentle and safe treatment, as well as minimal scarring.

If you are interested in resurfacing your skin with this treatment, please feel free to call Aspire Surgical at 801-261-2444 and schedule an appointment when you can. Our surgical team will be thrilled to help you with CO2 laser skin resurfacing in Taylorsville, Utah!