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The holiday seasons have come once more, which means additional risks for your oral health. It is important to be very careful with all products and foods you place in your mouth. During this time of year, numerous threats and sweets can damage your mouth and jaw. If you are not careful, extremely chewy food such as taffy and caramels can place increased pressure on the joints in your jaw.

Your temporomandibular joints, also referred to as TMJs, are vital for numerous processes within your mouth. Numerous parts are involved with your TMJs, including muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues all working in tandem to accomplish tasks such as opening your mouth and chewing. However, it is very easy for the joints to be damaged. Potential causes of damage to your TMJs include oral accidents or injuries, blunt trauma, an alteration in your tooth’s alignment, bruxism, anxiety, arthritis, and many other issues. When your TMJ is damaged, it is known as a TMJ disorder.

Protect yourself from TMJ disorders this holiday season by avoiding overly chewy foods and eating soft foods whenever available. It is also important to make sure that your stress remains low. You can do this with numerous methods such as meditation and listening to calming music when you feel a sense of elevated stress. If a TMJ is damaged, visit your oral surgeon for treatments.

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