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Have you ever heard of oral pathology? Oral pathology is a highly effective oral health care treatment designed to detect and diagnose any issues, irregularities, and abnormalities present within your oral health and appearance. Not only is oral pathology designed to help diagnose any symptoms you may have, but it can also help improve your oral health, and spot any severe symptoms, such as oral cancer, if they are present.

If you are in need of an oral pathology procedure, visit us so we can apply some highly effective comprehensive exams to determine any changes that may be taking place with your oral health. Typically, changes in your health are present through early detection signs for numerous disorders such a salivary gland issues, mumps, and infections. Furthermore, numerous signs can be detected in the presence of oral cancer. Here are a few of the common signs we look for:

– A chronic sore throat
– A change in the position of your teeth
– New malocclusions that have altered the way dentures or other implants fit in your mouth
– Tooth slippage
– The presence of physical irregularities including red, white, or speckled patches in your mouth, as well as frequent sores
– Bleeding in your facial area that does not heal within 2 weeks
– Difficulties and issues swallowing and speaking effectively
– Lumps, mounds, and crusts present within the skin lining of your mouth

If you would like to book an appointment with Aspire Surgical for an oral pathology examination, please set up a visit with Dr. Mark Ryser and the rest of our team at our office in Taylorsville, Utah at 801-261-2444.