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Did you know that sleep apnea can be caused by your airways and your brain? Blocked airways while you sleep result in obstructive sleep apnea. Blocked signals from your brain to your chest that facilitate breathing may result in central sleep apnea. For more information about sleep apnea, consider the following facts:

– Individuals who have a deviated septum or any variety of nasal blockage or obstruction are at an increased risk for sleep apnea.

– While there are different causes of sleep apnea, you could be at a greater risk for the disorder based on your family history and genetics.

– Sleep apnea is more common in men than women.

– Depending on the type of allergies and sinus issues you suffer from, your chances of developing sleep apnea could be greater.

– You are at a heightened risk of developing sleep apnea disorder if you have a very small jaw, large tonsils, or if your tongue is abnormally large.

– Sleep apnea can be present in younger people, but it is most often seen in individuals over 40.

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