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Have you ever heard of gingival grafting? Gingival grafts, also known as gum grafts or soft tissue grafts, are oral surgery procedures used to graft tissue from one area of your mouth onto areas in which gum disease or gingival recession is present. If you wish to improve your gums by covering up uneven gum lines and preventing teeth from suffering from exposed roots, gingival grafts may be used.

Gingival graft tissue is typically taken from the root of your mouth or other surrounding gum areas. This is important because your natural tissue will be much better suited for healing quickly and effectively. In addition, it will grow in place as needed because your body has the natural proteins and body processes to strengthen your own tissue.

If you are suffering from gum recession, which is often caused by gum disease, gum grafts may be required. With the help of our team and complex procedures such as gingival grafting, we can make sure you receive the health care and aesthetic beauty your smile deserves. For more information about gingival grafting, you’re welcome to contact Aspire Surgical at our office in Taylorsville, Utah, by calling us at 801-261-2444. Dr. Mark Ryser and our team look forward to enhancing your smile.