Dentistry in Motion: Dentures

If you are in need of a high-quality tooth restoration to repair and replace any lost or missing teeth, visit your dentist to learn about your options. One of the most highly effective options for replacing missing teeth is dentures. This is because dentures can be crafted as partial dentures... Read more »

A Lost Premolar Might Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

Each of your teeth has a particular shape and size based on its location and essential function in your mouth. Premolars reside between the teeth in the front of your mouth, which are primarily tasked with biting off pieces of food, and the molars in the back of your mouth... Read more »

Get a Better Night’s Rest with Sleep Apnea Treatments

Many individuals may wake up tired in the morning even after receiving a full night's sleep. This may be because you are not getting the proper sleep. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, it can disrupt your sleep patterns without you knowing about it. Sleep apnea disorders arise when... Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Therapy

Because the wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth that grow in, it can often lead to other issues within your mouth. They typically grow in as a teen but may not always grow in correctly. In many instances, they can actually fail to grow in fully and... Read more »

Gingival Grafting for a Healthier Smile

Have you ever heard of gingival grafting? Gingival grafts, also known as gum grafts or soft tissue grafts, are oral surgery procedures used to graft tissue from one area of your mouth onto areas in which gum disease or gingival recession is present. If you wish to improve your gums... Read more »

Elevate Your Oral Health with Bone Grafting

In order to ensure your new year starts off successfully, it is a good idea to ensure your oral health is in peak condition. If for any reason you're missing any teeth, it is imperative to have them replaced immediately. Even though dental implants are highly effective permanent restoration procedures... Read more »

Oral Pathology Treatments for Optimum Oral Health

Have you ever heard of oral pathology? Oral pathology is a highly effective oral health care treatment designed to detect and diagnose any issues, irregularities, and abnormalities present within your oral health and appearance. Not only is oral pathology designed to help diagnose any symptoms you may have, but it... Read more »

Snap-on Dentures Make Smiles Complete

Are you in need of a tooth restoration prosthetic to replace numerous missing teeth that you may have lost. Even if you had a severe oral accident or injury, it is important to make sure that your smile is restored to the best of its natural ability. This includes completing... Read more »

Are Single-Tooth Dental Implants the Right Choice for Me?

Have you lost one or more permanent teeth? If you would like to restore the beauty and functionality of your smile, ask Dr. Mark Ryser about dental implants in Taylorsville, Utah. Dental implants restore not only the visible part of the tooth but the tooth's root as well. The many advantages... Read more »

The Importance of Healthy Temporomandibular Joints

The holiday seasons have come once more, which means additional risks for your oral health. It is important to be very careful with all products and foods you place in your mouth. During this time of year, numerous threats and sweets can damage your mouth and jaw. If you are... Read more »