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Did you know Aspire Surgical has a highly-skilled team specifically trained for treating severe oral accident?  if you have suffered a soft tissue injury, a bone injury, or an injury to your teeth gums or surrounding dental structures, our highly skilled team is here to give you the treatment you require.

In many cases with facial trauma, the severe emotional impact of the situation can be difficult to deal with. However, we are highly skilled at giving the treatment necessary to restore your facial structure as best as possible. We can treat teeth that have been knocked out, facial and intraoral lacerations, damage to your jawbone including fractures to your both your upper and lower jaw, and also fractured facial bones in your cheeks, eye sockets, or nose.

If you have suffered severe facial trauma, our wonderful team of facial and oral surgeons will be able to get you the treatment necessary to return you to the lifestyle you’ve come to know and love. We are highly trained at treating accidents caused by severe blunt trauma, sports injuries, work injuries, everyday accidents, car wrecks, falls, violence, and other miscellaneous accidents are injuries that may have taken place. For additional information, contact our team today.

Dr. Ryser and Dr. Shamo at Aspire Surgical wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you in need of treatment for facial trauma, please contact our office in Taylorsville, Utah, by calling us at 801-261-2444. We can help enhance your oral health care today!