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In order to ensure your new year starts off successfully, it is a good idea to ensure your oral health is in peak condition. If for any reason you’re missing any teeth, it is imperative to have them replaced immediately. Even though dental implants are highly effective permanent restoration procedures to consider, a prosthetic will not hold if your jawbone is not strong enough. In the event of a weak jawbone, a bone grafting procedure will be required.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, also known as the AAOMS, bone grafting treatments are most effective for jawbones that are soft, frail, or too thin to hold an implant. A bone grafting procedure consists of removing a section of bone from your body or using a small grafting prosthetic to graft onto your jawbone. Once the bone graft is placed, it will take a few months before it has strengthened with the bone. After the bone graft has strengthened and taken hold, dental implant treatments can be given. In addition, bone grafting can also be used with several periodontal dentistry procedures.

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