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When you are in need of a dental implant, the underlying structure may need work as well through the procedure of bone grafting. This will usually be recommended by one of our doctors, who will do the procedure to make it possible for your jaw to support an implant. This is most crucial when tooth loss has compromised the underlying bone structure, or if you’ve suffered chronic periodontal disease or severe dental trauma.

A bone graft restoration can often be installed at a single outpatient appointment where you are deeply sedated (someone will be needed to drive you home afterwards while the sedative wears off). The sampled bone material will be extracted either from your chin, jaw, another part of the body, artificial bone material, or a surgical grade cadaver.

The bone graft will then be installed through an incision in the gums, accessing the bone, and placing it. If there are other parts of the jawbone that needs bone grafting besides a dental implant, Dr. Mark Ryser is able to use it for periodontal therapy as well.

If needed, a pain prescription will be provided for a comfortable recovery. After the bone graft integrates into the surrounding bone and tissues, our dental professionals will install a dental implant or other alternative method to give you back your smile.

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