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Each of your teeth has a particular shape and size based on its location and essential function in your mouth. Premolars reside between the teeth in the front of your mouth, which are primarily tasked with biting off pieces of food, and the molars in the back of your mouth which are responsible for chewing and grinding food.

This means that premolars work in tandem with both types of teeth. They help to cleanly bite off pieces of hard and tough food, while also helping to break food down into small pieces that can be safely swallowed.

When a premolar is lost to severe tooth decay or some form of oral trauma the impairment to your oral function can be profound. In a scenario like this, you should consider scheduling a consult with oral and maxillofacial surgeonss like Dr. Mark Ryser and Dr. Richard Shamo.

Many times a dental implant restoration can replace a missing premolar. This type of dental restoration involves a minor oral surgery where we will install a small titanium dental implant into the underlying bone structure.

As time goes on the surrounding bone tissues will integrate with the titanium dental implant. This process, which is known as osseointegration, will eventually replicate the root strength of the original tooth.

At that point, we can install an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown. Once the dental work has been cemented in it place it will fully replicate the strength and natural feel of the premolar.

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